On the ride you should take with you one or preferably two bottles with water and/or a sports nutrition drink. You also should carry some food either energy gels, energy bars, bananas, chocolate bar or sandwich. You should carry enough food for the length of the ride and use the feeding stations as a top up.

"A good tip is to eat before you get hungry and drink before you get thirsty"

You should have already downloaded a map of the route you intend to ride and made a note of the organisers telephone number in the event of you needing a lift back to the Leisure Centre.

Organisers Number 07429530151

If you do need to be picked up please try and give us a clear indication of where you are ie. road name or number, village, or town name etc.

Its important to carry some spares, a pump, a spare innertube or two, a puncture outfit, tyre levers,and a multi-tool is useful. I would also suggest some spare money and a mobile phone but please do not use your phone while riding and some form of indentification.

"punctures are like buses you won`t get any for ages then two will come along at the same time"

We do have some spares in registration just in case you have forgotten anything, we also have a track pump at the start and at the feeding stations.

"Always check the inside of your tyre before you fit a new tube there might be a thorn or some glass embedded that will puncture the new tube if you don`t remove it"

The weather in the UK is changeable. You need to dress accordingly. A lightweight rain jacket or gillet is a good idea, also some are warmers and leg warmers. If the weather is hot and sunny don`t forget the sun cream and a hat, drink plenty of fluids, it`s very easy to get dehydrated and suffer sun stroke.